High rack storage

The inhouse high rack storage was designed and implemented by Schöpstal Maschinenbau GmbH in cooperation with collaborating companies.

Commissioning took place at the start of 2009 after 6 months of project work.

Located in the sawn section, the main task of the lengthy materials storage is the fully automated management of profile material.


Using the high rack storage, different semi-finished products can be arranged and managed in a very small space.

The store is handled using a master computer and two withdrawal sites, over which the employees manage the transport trolley. The weighing devices, which are integrated into the rails, determine the storage movements. This guarantees, firstly, that the surrounding working area is supplied with the necessary cutting material, and, secondly, that delivered semi-finished products are promptly, precisely and efficiently stored in the corresponding cassettes.

The entire inventory management and recording of stock movement is computerised with embedded order assignment. Further processing in an enterprise resource planning tool is possible over an interface to an ERP system.

High rack storage

Technical data

  • Width: 10.00 m
  • Depth: 7.50 m
  • Height: 7.50 m, thereof 2.00 m countersunk
  • 4 aisles with 144 cassette storage spaces per 2,000 kg
  • Maximum storage length 6.40 m
  • 2 trolleys with load cells integrated in the rail system
  • 2 work stations (1-man operation also possible for both tracks)