Devices for laying and retrieval of drip hoses

Within the framework of a cooperation project with the Bavarian Regional Office and the Agricultural Cooperative eG Zodel, that was funded by the Federal Ministry for Nutrition, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, devices for laying and retrieval of drip hoses for potato cultivation with the objective of increasing yield were developed, built and tested.

The application for the cultivation of other row-crops is also conceivable.


First of all the exact and damage-free placement of the drip hoses is realized centrally in the furrow top without any significant deformation of the same.

At the end of the irrigation season the hoses are lifted from the ground without damaging them, cleaned from adhering soil and then spooled uniformly onto drums for storage. In this way the use of the drip hoses over many years is guaranteed.

These individual operation steps are implemented with maximum work-saving in order to limit costs and to thus ensure the cost-effectiveness of the irrigation process.

Technical Data

Finally a 6-row laying device and a 3-row retrieval device were developed which proved their functionality in each case in field employment over a complete season.

As a result of their modular concept, the devices can be easily adapted to different sizes of farms with regard to row number and equipment.

Device for laying of drip hoses
Device for retrieval of drip hoses