Filling & offloading systems

The reason for using the filling and offloading equipment as structures on potato harvesting machines is the gentle handling of the potatoes over the entire harvest process, transport and storage.


Unlike conventional potato harvesting methods, with the newly developed method on the harvesting machine, instead of using bunkers, large boxes which are individually tailored to the needs of the customer are used.

These are first loaded fully automatically, using a sensor-controlled filling belt, in a way which achieves equal distribution, without the usual bulk cone formation.

Without needing to empty the containers, and without additional lifting technology, these can then be loaded onto the transport unit using the corresponding transport system, which consists of the rolling pallet and mounting frame.

The handling process is also no longer needed during storage, due to the gentle filling of the boxes.

This significantly reduces the mechanical stress of the potatoes compared with previous methods. This makes a major contribution to better tuber quality, marketability and thus yield.

In 2005, the filling and offloading machine was ready for series production.

Filling & offloading systems

Technical data

  • Hydraulically powered sliding and tilting filling belt with reverse rotation
  • Sensorcontrolled, automatic boxfilling programme
  • Sliding and tilting mounting frame with offloading equipment for the boxes
  • Rolling pallet for receiving the containers (capacity of up to 4.0 t)
  • Mounting frame for the transport vehicle
Filling and offloading systems