Welcometo Schöpstal Maschinenbau GmbH

From a modern machine and equipment park in east Saxony, Schöpstal Maschinenbau GmbH has offered the complete production of machines and equipment across different industries, flexibly and customised since 1991.


  • development and design, to the
  • production of welded components,
  • mechanical processing of large parts, through to the
  • coating and
  • assembly

of machines and equipment, around 115 well-trained and dedicated employees and apprentices fulfil orders from Germany and abroad, which concern very different disciplines of mechanical engineering.

Discover the range of services from Schöpstal Maschinenbau GmbH!

From the first idea, to the finished product - all from one source.

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Schöpstal Maschinenbau GmbH Schöpstal Maschinenbau GmbH Schöpstal Maschinenbau GmbH Schöpstal Maschinenbau GmbH

On the one hand from 2018 to 2020 the implementation of information and communication technology is realised, with the help of it in-house processes as well as processes with business partners can be reproduced eletronically.

On the other hand in the same period of time various investment measures in mechanical engineering as well as in plant and equipment are realised (e.g. CNC laser cutting machine, paint storage with wash-up system etc.).

Furthermore in the period 2019/2020 the investment in a CNC boring and milling machine takes place.

These projects are funded by the European Union as well as the Free State of Saxony.